Is Your Smile Vacation-Ready? Book Your Dental Checkup

Vacation season is just about here and you are probably looking forward to a well-earned break away, or at least a few relaxing days off work. Many people go on a pre-vacation diet or will buy at least a few new clothes to go away with, but could you do with a dental checkup and cleaning before going on vacation?

Make Sure Your Teeth Are Problem Free Before You Go

Dental checkup is one of those things that we know it’s easy to overlook or to put off until a later date when it seems more convenient. (Read also: Why You Should Have Your Dental Checkups Regularly). However, it’s a great idea just to make sure you don’t have any dental problems before you go. A quick checkup with our dentist here at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center will soon determine if there is anything wrong with your teeth. If we do find anything that requires treatment, then we will do our best to ensure the work is completed before you go away.

Get a Dental Checkup Before a Vacation to Avoid Dental Emergencies

It’s an especially good idea to book a dental checkup if you have a feeling there’s something wrong with one of your teeth, perhaps it hurts occasionally or is feeling a bit more sensitive than before. There is little worse than developing a really bad toothache on vacation and having to visit an emergency dentist who knows nothing about your dental health and who isn’t someone you’re familiar with.(Learn also: A Little Known Facts: What to Do in Dental Emergency).  When you’re in dental pain, it can be comforting to see a friendly face and to know that you only have to pick up the phone to get an emergency appointment with one of our dentists.

Book a Hygiene Treatment to Make Your Teeth Sparkle

We usually recommend booking a hygiene appointment at the same time as your dental checkup. This way you can generally get all the treatment you need to keep your teeth healthy for another six months. You probably already know why we recommend visiting your dental hygienist, as it’s a highly effective way to ensure all tartar is removed from your teeth before it can cause harm to your gums. A buildup of tartar can look slightly yellow and having it removed could well make your teeth appear slightly whiter than before. Treatment is completed by having your teeth carefully polished which can help remove some small surface stains and it is a great way for making your teeth sparkle. It’s also really nice to go on vacation knowing your smile looks its best.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments That Help Improve Your Smile

If you decide you want more dental treatments to improve the appearance of your smile then it’s still not too late. You can easily whiten your teeth in just an hour’s appointment, or alternatively we can provide you with a custom-made whitening kit that will only take a couple of weeks to get excellent results. Other treatments such as dental bonding can be great for mending any small chips or cracks in your teeth and this will also help protect them against decay and infection.

Make sure your smile is ready for your vacation by booking your checkup and hygiene appointment in plenty of time. Our friendly dental team will help ensure your smile is vacation-ready.

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