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Board certified dentists. Brooklyn’s top dental practice. The most
advanced dental equipments in New York

Our Brooklyn Cosmetic Dentistry Center was established in 1992. Our dental center is the best rated, internationally recognized as the preeminent practice for Dental Implant Procedure and Cosmetic Dentistry in Brooklyn.

We provide the best quality of care and patient’s experience available in Cosmetic Dentistry. We use only the highest quality dental components available on the market today.

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At our Brooklyn dentistry center we offer a full range of the latest procedures and products including Teeth Whitening, Bonding, Bridges, Crowns, Dental Implants and Natural Porcelain Veneers. The Cosmetic Dentistry Center is a place where the care & comfort of our patients is our highest priority. Advanced Dental Procedures

advanced dental equipment | dentist in Brooklyn

We are proud to work with best dental equipment available on the market today that you can not find anywhere in Brooklyn. Our 3 floor state of the art dental facility equipped with the latest CAD/CAM system which produces 1-hour crowns, latest and most advanced scanners, 3D imaging & in house laboratory. Top Dentist in Brooklyn Dr. Epelboym is among the best rated dental specialists in New York.

Top Dental Specialists in
Brooklyn, NYC

Dentists working in our Brooklyn facility are best in class, board certified Top Brooklyn Dental Specialists. Our technicians are trained in the latest technologically creations regarding dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. We perform the most advanced, minimally invasive as well as most complicated procedures & surgeries. We correct dental problems created by others. Our Team

Best rated dentist in Brooklyn Dr. Epelboym uses the most advanced 3D scanning equipment available in USA. Latest machine reduces the radiation dose by more than 77% in comparison to conventional AC units

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Dental Surgery

Advanced surgical restorative, cosmetic and reconstructive procedures in New York for adults and children.

Dental Implants

We offer breakthrough technology for restoring your smile. Specializing in dental implants in NY and surgical procedures

Family Dentistry

Wide variety dentistry services, from whitening (bleaching), revolutionary invisalign, oral surgery to complex smile makeovers

Pediatric Dentistry

Wide variety dentistry services, from whitening (bleaching), revolutionary invisalign, oral surgery to complex smile makeovers

Painless & Unique Dentistry Approach

We pursue perfection; you will be surprised by knowledge, accuracy and professionalism of our top dentists and staff. All the work done in our Cosmetic Dentistry Center at the Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY location. We have a state of the art in-house laboratory as well as a newest and latest 3D, high precision dental equipment.

Only a trained board certified dentist like Dr. Epelboym can determine an accurate diagnosis and provide a proper dental treatment. He is an award winning dentist, dental implants expert and contributor to a prominent media outlets. For more information about the the services offered at Cosmetic Dentistry Center or to schedule a consultation with the Brooklyn dentist Dr. Epelboym, please contact our Bay Ridge, Brooklyn clinic.

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Dental Implants Brooklyn

Have you wondered about having dental implants in the past but have delayed your decision due to concerns over the cost? If so we have the perfect deal for you that gives you access to high-quality implant dentistry for an affordable price. The Cosmetic Dentistry Center is offering a complete package deal costing a total

Zoom Whitening Brooklyn

Spring is hopefully only a matter of weeks away, and it’s a great time to be thinking about improving your appearance, perhaps with Zoom whitening? If you have been considering brightening up your smile then we have a really tempting deal. For just $350 you could brighten up your smile by several shades, just in

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Cosmetic Dentistry Center
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