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  • Wisdom Teeth: Should You Have Them Removed?

    If your dentist has recently told you your wisdom teeth should come out, you might be feeling slightly bewildered if you haven’t had any symptoms. Every year in the United States, millions of wisdom teeth are removed, seemingly without any reason. The reasoning behind carrying out this minor dental surgery is that it is often better to get rid of these teeth before they can cause problems affecting existing adult teeth or will perhaps become infected.

    Why Wisdom Teeth Can Be a Problem

    Wisdom teeth are often misaligned or are impacted, meaning they are stuck underneath the gums unable to emerge correctly. This is because these teeth only begin to come through from the late teens onwards, by which time all the rest of the adult teeth are fully in position and the jaw has stopped growing.

    We Carry out a Thorough Assessment Before Recommending Wisdom Tooth Removal

    When you visit the Cosmetic Dentistry Center you can rest assured we will carry out a thorough clinical examination before recommending wisdom tooth removal. Regular exams and dental x-rays help us assess the development of these teeth over the years so we can soon pick up any signs of trouble. Whereas before wisdom tooth removal was almost a rite of passage, these days we are likely to take a more measured approach. We would only recommend wisdom tooth removal is we think it’s absolutely necessary. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that even though wisdom teeth may seemingly have no symptoms, they still might need to come out. X-rays will share us the exact position of your wisdom teeth so we can tell if they are able to erupt normally.

    Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Removal

    • They may damage other teeth by pushing them out of alignment causing problems with your bite
    • Problems with your wisdom teeth can lead to sinus pain caused by pressure and congestion
    • Wisdom tooth problems can also lead to inflamed gums and if the gum tissue is swollen it can be trickier to keep clean
    • This in turn can increase the risk of tooth decay, creating pockets that are the perfect home for disease causing bacteria
    • Impacted wisdom teeth can cause damage to any dental work you may have already had done, for example they can affect the position of bridges and crowns or partial dentures and may affect the results of orthodontic work

    Come in for Checkup or Treatment in Case of Dental Emergency

    We don’t suggest removing any tooth without first having given this decision careful consideration but of course it’s up to you as to whether you decide to go ahead with treatment. You may choose to wait and see what will happen, but if you notice you have pain around the area of your wisdom teeth or that your gums look swollen or you have a nasty odor or bad taste, then it’s best to come in for treatment or at least a second look.

    The good news is that wisdom tooth removal is very straightforward and most people will have very little discomfort afterwards and no real complications. You will need to take care of the empty socket so it can heal properly, but this is very simple to do.


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By: Dmitry Epelboym Cosmetic Dentistry Center