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    Why Should I Consider Dental Implants?

    Dental Implants Act like Natural Tooth Roots

    There are cheaper and more immediate ways of replacing missing teeth, but implants replicate your natural tooth roots, and this does make them the healthiest long-term option. Your tooth roots help to keep bone healthy through providing it with plenty of stimulation.

    Every time you bite or chew then this creates pressure on the tooth that is transmitted right through the tooth, into the roots, and out into the surrounding bone. As a result, the bone will continue to grow, producing new bone cells to replace old cells as they die off.

    When you have a tooth extracted, then the whole tooth is usually removed, including the roots, so the jawbone no longer receives any sort of pressure or stimulation, and as a result will stop producing new bone cells. Your jawbone will soon begin to reabsorb. If you have lost a considerable number of teeth then this will eventually affect the dimensions of your face. People who wear full dentures may notice their face seems to collapse in on itself, and it will become increasingly difficult to hold the dentures in the correct position.

    Replacing lost teeth with dental implants helps to halt this resorption so your jawbone will continue to receive stimulation through the implant post, and as a result will continue to produce new bone cells, replacing old cells as they die. This will help to ensure your face retains the correct dimensions as your cheeks and lips will be better supported.

    Dental Implants Do Not Affect Your Remaining Teeth

    Dental implants will not affect your remaining teeth, other than helping to hold them in position so they cannot move out of place. This isn’t true with other options for replacing lost teeth such as bridges and partial dentures.

    If you have a bridge fitted then it will be supported by crowns on the teeth adjacent to the gap. These teeth will have to be ground down to create room for the crowns so you will lose some healthy tooth structure. If you opt for dental implants then your bridge will be supported by them, and you will not need to lose any healthy tooth structure.

    Partial dentures are held in place with metal clasps that fit around your existing teeth, and sometimes it can be necessary to modify these teeth to ensure the clasps remain firmly in position. These clasps can place additional stress on these teeth, and could eventually weaken them.

    Dental implants may not be the fastest or cheapest way of replacing lost teeth, but they should be the most permanent. Dental implants can also provide the most natural and most esthetic dental restorations, and are ideal for anyone looking for high quality cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn, NYC.

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