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    Why is it important to Replace Lost Teeth

    Most people who lose teeth right at the front of the mouth will want to replace them in one way or another as these teeth are so highly visible and make it easy to bite into food. Tooth loss right at the front of the mouth can also affect speech, and these are all very valid reasons for wanting to replace these teeth. However not everyone feels the same way about teeth lost right at the back of the mouth. If you lose one or two back teeth then it might be easy to leave the gap, especially if it doesn’t show or prevent you from eating or speaking.

    In fact it is important to replace any lost teeth as they are all designed to function together. All your teeth work together creating a complete system that not only helps you to chew and to talk properly, but which is also responsible for maintaining the correct dimensions in your face.

    The back teeth are particularly important, as they help to support the cheeks and will give your facial features the proper vertical height. If you lose any of your back teeth then some of this height will also be lost and you might notice your facial features look as if they are collapsing in on themselves.

    While it might seem easy to make do without these teeth, and you might not even mind about the way it affects your looks, it’s important to remember it will also affect your remaining teeth.

    If some of your back teeth are missing it places extra stress and pressure on the front teeth, and you might notice they begin to move forward or to splay outwards as they try to compensate for the additional forces exerted on them during biting and chewing. You’ll probably also find it’s more difficult to eat a varied and nutritionally sound diet as your front teeth are not designed for chewing.

    Tooth Replacement Choices

    When you have a tooth extraction your Brooklyn, NYC dentist will discuss all the possible methods of replacing it with you. Your choices range from dentures or false teeth or dental bridges to dental implants. Dental implants can be more expensive in the short time, but

    studies have shown them to be a lot more cost-effective in the long term and they can often be the healthiest option. It is possible to have affordable dental implants, as sometimes just a few well-placed implants can be used to secure an upper or lower denture.

    If you lost teeth quite some time ago then you might be amazed at the difference high quality restorative dentistry can make, not only improving your ability to eat and speak, but also improving your appearance.

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