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  • Dmitry Epelboym, DDS – Cosmetic Dentist in Brooklyn NYC
    • Cosmetic Dentistry, Family Dentistry
    • Dr. Dmitry Epelboym received his dental degree at New York University College of Dentistry in 1993. He was immediately invited back to the University to teach aspiring dentists the art and science of cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry. it was during this time when the art of implantology and cosmetic dentistry found its beginnings.

      Dr. Epelboym had the privilege of being involved in designing implant techniques and cosmetic dental procedures in US and in Europe. He has served in many prestigious dental organizations and has published numerous articles in professional journals that continue to help dentists in the fields of implants and cosmetic dentistry.

      Through continuing education courses in dentistry, Dr. Epelboym strives to provide the best and most updated patient care available. His office is first in New York that utilizes InVizion, designed to restore full porcelain restorations without using any metal providing for a stronger, longer lasting, less problematic experience.
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