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  • Enamel Contouring

    Enamel contouring is a way of re-shaping your teeth while removing the minimum amount of tooth structure. It can be surprisingly effective at changing the contour of your teeth, and is often used as an alternative to dental or teeth veneers, or to orthodontic treatment. It is far quicker than either of these treatments as it can often be carried out in just one visit to your brooklyn cosmetic dentist, and it is far cheaper. This cosmetic dentistry procedure can produce subtle but significant changes in the appearance of your teeth. It is perfect if you only want to make slight changes to the way your teeth look, and if you don’t want to spend too much money on your smile. The cost of enamel re-contouring is very affordable.

    Enamel contouring can help correct:

    • Teeth that protrude very slightly
    • Teeth that are rotated or out of alignment
    • Teeth that overlap slightly
    • Small imperfections in tooth surfaces


    What is the Process for Enamel Contouring?

    The process removes just a few millimeters of tooth enamel from the surface of your teeth. Even though the amount removed is minimal, your teeth will need to be carefully assessed by our cosmetic dentist to make sure they are healthy and strong enough for this procedure. It is very important not to remove too much tooth enamel as this could weaken your tooth. It might be necessary to take dental x-rays to evaluate your teeth, and to plan this treatment.

    It is not usually necessary to have any anesthetic for this treatment, and your dentist will carefully remove and shape the teeth to produce more pleasing contours. Once they are happy with the results, the teeth will be smoothed and polished.

    Combining Enamel Contouring with Dental Bonding

    This technique is often used in combination with dental bonding. Your teeth will be prepared in exactly the same way, but the shape can be further modified with the used of dental bonding. This is where a small amount of tooth colored composite resin material is bonded to the tooth surfaces using a special light. This process is ideal if you have small chips or imperfections in your teeth that need mending, and is cheaper than having dental veneers. Dental bonding can help to build up teeth that have become chipped, or to replace biting edges that have worn down or cracked. The material is exactly the same as the material used for composite fillings, and the results should last for several years before the composite resin needs replacing.

    Are there Any Risks to Enamel Contouring?

    Provided your enamel is carried out by a competent cosmetic dentist in brooklyn, then any risks should be minimal. If too much tooth enamel is removed then your teeth may become weaker and more at risk of decay, but this is something we will ensure cannot happen. If we think you cannot get the results you want through having enamel contouring then we will recommend an alternative cosmetic dental procedure that would be more effective for you, such as dental veneers or orthodontics.

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