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    Why Have a Smile Makeover?

    Cosmetic dentistry is becoming far more popular as people strive for the perfect smile. Numerous studies have shown many of us judge others within a few seconds of meeting them, and our judgment can often be influenced by whether or not they smile at us. Someone who smiles when meeting others is often perceived as being warm, likeable and trustworthy. If you are less than confident with your teeth, then you probably don’t smile as often as you’d like, and others could quite wrongly view you as being stand-offish or cold.  Even a few small changes could help make all the difference.

    What is a Smile Makeover?

    A smile makeover can use one or more cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve the look of your teeth and gums. Typical treatments used include:


    Your cosmetic dentist will discuss your smile with you, so they can learn exactly what you want to achieve. A good smile makeover requires careful and thorough planning, so this stage is important. Your dentist may need to take dental x-rays, impressions and photos of your teeth to plan your new smile. This is something that can be done using diagnostic models of your teeth, or with computer imaging software, depending on the extent of your smile makeover.

    Your Treatment Plan

    You’ll receive a full treatment plan that shows the details of each recommended treatment, plus the costs. It is up to you as to how much work you have done, as we can tailor the plan to fit your budget. You might be surprised at how affordable dentistry makeovers can be, as some people may only need some white fillings renewed and their teeth whitened. Of course some will need more complex work such as crowns, veneers and bridges, or perhaps dental implants.

    Once you have approved your treatment plan, then your teeth will be prepared for their new restorations. Impressions will be taken and sent to our in-house dental laboratory. One of the advantages of having a laboratory on site is that our dentists can work closely with our technicians to help ensure you get the most perfect results possible, as soon as possible.

    If diagnostic models are used, then you not only get to see your new smile, but you may have the opportunity to try it in before final placement. These diagnostic models are often used to create temporary teeth that are worn while your permanent teeth are being made. You will have the chance to see how your teeth will look in your mouth, and any alterations can easily be made at this stage.

    The final stage will be for our dentist to fit the restorations in your mouth. It may take some time to get the fit absolutely perfect, and of course we will ensure you are happy with your new smile before it is bonded into place.


    Planning Ahead for Special Events

    We strive to produce some of the best cosmetic dentistry in Brooklyn, and our dentists take pride in perfecting smiles. If you are thinking of having a smile makeover in time for a special event, then we do ask that you come to see us well in advance as some treatments can take a while to complete, and will need to be completed in a particular order for maximum effectiveness. For example, if your treatment plan includes teeth whitening and dental veneers, then it is best to have the teeth whitening first so your veneers can be matched to your newly bleached teeth.

    Planning a Smile Makeover and Smile Design

    Dental Treatments: Ringing in the Changes with a New Smile

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