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    Dental braces are not just for children, as more people are opting for adult braces. Modern braces are far less obtrusive than ever before, and you can choose ceramic or clear brackets that are very discreet.

    What We Offer

    We offer innovative braces that do not have any elastics or metal ties, and which are designed to give results as fast as possible. They offer greater comfort than other fixed braces, and you will need fewer dental appointments during treatment.

    One of the advantages of wearing fixed braces is that they can often provide the very best results, so you really will get a beautiful healthy and straight smile. You will need to spend a little extra time cleaning your teeth and braces each day, but we will give you plenty of advice on how to do so.

    If you would prefer not to wear fixed braces, then we can provide clear plastic aligners (Invisalign) that are taken out whenever you eat or drink something. These also provide very good, predictable results, and some people find them easier to cope with as you can clean your teeth normally

    Removable Braces or Fixed Braces: Which Is Better?

    Dental braces can be used to correct a number of different issues. These include:

    • Teeth that stick out or protrude
    • Teeth that are inclined too far inwards
    • Crooked teeth
    • Closing or minimizing gaps in between teeth
    • Overbites or overjets, where the upper teeth bite right over the lower teeth
    • Underbites, where the lower teeth bite in front of the upper teeth
    • Crossbites, where the upper back teeth bite inside the lower teeth on one or both sides of the mouth
    • Overcrowded teeth

    More than Just Cosmetic

    You might think that teeth straightening is a cosmetic dentistry treatment, but it can do a lot to help improve your dental health.

    If you currently struggle to brush and floss your teeth then you will benefit from teeth straightening. You’ll find you can comfortably clean all the tooth surfaces, and that the floss fits easily in between each tooth.

    Teeth that do not meet together properly can wear unevenly. If you bite down on one or two teeth before all the rest, then these teeth are more likely to chip and wear over time, and may need restorative dentistry to repair them.

    Teeth Straightening Cost

    Teeth straightening costs can vary according to the type of braces chosen, and the length of treatment necessary. Sometimes teeth straightening can be very quick as it is cosmetically oriented, concentrating on moving only the front teeth.

    It can also be carried out as a cosmetic dental treatment prior to teeth veneers, so less tooth enamel will be needed to be removed once the teeth are straighter, enabling our dental laboratory to construct veneers that are thin and beautiful.

    Once your teeth have been straightened out then you will need to wear a dental retainer. This is a device that can be removable, or it can be bonded onto the back of your teeth.

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