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We give our patients many reasons to smile by offering a full range of the latest procedures and products including Whitening, Bonding, Bridges, Crowns, Dental Implants, and Natural Porcelain Veneers. The Cosmetic Dentistry Center is a place where the care and comfort of our patients is our highest priority.

— Cosmetic Dentistry Center

Dental Oral Implant Surgery

If you have one or more missing teeth, these can be replaced through having dental implant surgery. Artificial tooth roots are placed into your jaw, and can support crowns, bridges or dentures. Implant dentistry does involve several stages, but the end result should be teeth that look and feel as natural as possible. There are several types of dental implants that can be used depending on the amount of healthy bone in your jaw. If you do not have sufficient bone, mini dental implants might be suitable, or you may need a bone graft prior to implant surgery.

Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Cosmetic dental surgery is used to enhance your smile. Some procedures may also improve your oral health, for example repairing teeth with tooth colored fillings, or restoring damaged teeth with ceramic crowns. Other cosmetic dental procedures include teeth veneers and dental implants. Correcting a “gummy smile” through crown lengthening can improve dental health, and your smile.

Removal of Impacted Teeth

Many people have first-hand experience of impacted teeth, as this frequently affects wisdom teeth. It is caused when teeth try to erupt in a jaw that has insufficient space, so the teeth may try to come up underneath other teeth, or they might emerge sideways through the gums. Affected teeth can become infected and painful, and your dentist may recommend oral surgery to remove them.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery can be used for temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD), a painful condition that affects the joint responsible for moving the lower jaw.

Oral surgery can correct problems with the way the jaws meet together, and other growth and birth defects such as cleft lip and palate.

Our Philosophy

No dental technology will ever match the quality of form and function as the natural teeth we were born with

— Cosmetic Dentistry Center
  • With our unique approach dentistry could be painless

    We pursue perfection; you will be surprised by knowledge, accuracy and professionalism of our staff. All the work done
    in our Cosmetic Dentistry Center at the Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY location. We have in-house laboratory as well as newest
    3D technology equipment.

Why Choose Cosmetic Dentistry Center?

  • New study: Teeth Whitening

    New study: Teeth Whitening

    Professional teeth whitening is one of the fastest ways to improve your smile and to create a more youthful and healthy appearance. It’s little wonder it’s incredibly popular, but is it safe?

    The good news is that provided your teeth whitening is carried out by a dental professional then you can rest assured that the results will be safe and predictable and will not damage your teeth and gums.

  • Mercury Safe Dentistry · Brooklyn Cosmetic Dentistry Center

    Mercury Safe Dentistry · Brooklyn Cosmetic Dentistry Center

    Many people will still have silver colored fillings as amalgam has been used for decades.

    Its use has become increasingly controversial due to the mercury content, and as such most patients will choose to have older fillings replaced with more cosmetically pleasing white fillings.

  • Lowest Radiation VaTech Digital Panoramic X-Ray

    Our dental office believes in offering patients the very highest quality and safest dental equipment, which is one of the reasons why all our dental x-rays are taken using low dose digital x-rays

    It provides our dentists with an overall view of your jaws, including all your teeth, the temporomandibular joints (the joints that move your lower jaw), and other facial regions such as the nasal area.

By: Dmitry Epelboym Cosmetic Dentistry Center