Your Orthodontic Options: Types of Braces

If you are unhappy with having crooked or crowded teeth, or perhaps you are fed up with those unsightly gaps in between your teeth, then you may have decided you need orthodontic therapy.

The next step is to visit your orthodontist to discuss your teeth, and to find out exactly what can be done, how long treatment will take to complete, and the answer to that all important question as to how much do braces cost.

Your orthodontist will be able to give you excellent advice based on your bite problems, but it can still be nice to know a bit about your options before your appointment. It can all depend on whether you are prepared to wear fixed braces, or if you feel you can only tolerate removable braces. Some braces are called cosmetic braces, and will only work on your front teeth, so which is best?

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces can often be the best way of getting a beautifully straight smile. They tend to be very precise at moving teeth into the correct positions, and as they are fixed in place they will be working twenty four hours a day. Today’s orthodontic braces are quite discreet.

We use braces that have clear or ceramic brackets, and they do not use elastics. This orthodontic system is designed to comfortably move teeth using low forces.

The lack of elastics and ties means they are far easier to keep clean than more traditional braces.

Clear Removable Braces

Clear removable braces can be effective in correcting most orthodontic problems. These braces use clear plastic aligner trays that fit comfortably over your teeth, and which can be removed whenever you eat or drink something. They need to be worn for twenty two hours a day, and each set of aligners is changed for a fresh set every two weeks.

A lot of people do prefer these braces as they can be left out for special occasions, and they do provide very predictable results.

They may not be so good for anyone who is prone to losing things, and they will not work well unless they are worn for the specified length of time each day.

Cosmetic Dental Braces

Cosmetic dental braces will not correct any significant orthodontic problems as they only move the front teeth. They are only suitable for people whose teeth are only slightly out of place, but can be a good alternative to dental veneers. These braces can often produce results within a few months, and can provide affordable teeth straightening. This type of brace is often fixed in place, but it is only worn for a very short while.

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