Why You Should Choose Professional Tooth Whitening

Are your teeth looking stained and discolored? If so, you have probably thought about whitening them and might have been tempted to use one of the many over-the-counter kits or perhaps even one of those home remedies on the Internet. There is little doubt that a nice white smile can portray health and youthfulness but there are very good reasons for choosing professional tooth whitening at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center rather than any over-the-counter products or using harmful and ineffective  home remedies.

Why You Shouldn’t Use over-the-Counter Whitening Products

Even though over-the-counter products, or kits bought over the Internet promise a dazzling white smile, they will not be nearly as efficient or safe as the products used by your dentist. You are more likely to end up with unevenly bleached teeth, and your tooth enamel could look dried out and chalky. In addition, you are likely to need to use these types of tooth whitening products over and over again to trying to get the desired results, which can be time-consuming and may end up damaging your teeth.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Home Tooth Whitening Remedies

Those home remedies you read about might sound tempting and you could even fool yourself that they are quite healthy as the ingredients used seem quite natural. Popular choices include mixing up baking soda with lemon juice, as the acid in the lemon juice will help bleach your teeth while the abrasive nature of baking soda will help remove some surface stains. If that sounds good, then just pause for a moment and think about the damage you will be doing to your teeth, as that strong acid will eat away at your tooth enamel making it even more vulnerable to the abrasiveness of the baking soda.

Another popular choice is to use mashed up strawberries to make a paste which is left of the teeth or brushed in with a toothbrush. Strawberries do contain malic acid so in theory they could brighten up your teeth but are unlikely to have any other effects other than softening and damaging your tooth enamel.

Why You Should Visit the Cosmetic Dentistry Center for Safe and Effective Whitening

Tooth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that if carried out incorrectly can damage your teeth and even your gums. When you visit the Cosmetic Dentistry Center for tooth whitening the first thing our dentists will want to do is to check the condition of your teeth and gums and make sure you are suitable for whitening. Next, they’ll discuss the type of results you can reasonably achieve and the kind of tooth whitening that will be most suitable for your needs.

Whitening in Our Dental Office or at Home

Your choice is to either whiten in our dental office using the Zoom whitening system or you can use one of our professional whitening kits that includes custom-made whitening trays and the correct strength of bleaching gel to safely lift the color of your teeth. The Zoom whitening system is excellent if you would like to see results in just one visit. If time isn’t such an issue then you may want to whiten at home over the course of one to two weeks.

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