Top Tips Stress-Free Dental Care for Children

Every parent wants to make sure their child has a healthy smile, and a large part of this is helping to ensure they visit a dentist regularly and that they become accustomed to sitting in the dental chair or perhaps even enjoy it! It’s been shown that regular dental care for children could help improve their performance at school, and it helps with their social development as a full set of teeth makes it much easier to communicate with others. The Cosmetic Dentistry Center is very child oriented and works hard to ensure even the youngest children feel at ease receiving treatment.

Early Dental Care Is Key

Your pediatric dentist is likely to recommend you bring your child in for their first visit before they turn one. This might seem early, especially as they’re likely to only have a few teeth by this stage, but there’s a lot that can be accomplished. For a start, early dental care gets your child used to visiting our dental center at regular intervals. A recent study shows that beginning dental visits before the age of one helps reduce oral care costs, and does a lot to ensure your child has a more pleasant experience in the dental chair during the coming years. Regular dental care helps to minimize problems and should put them on the path towards enjoying a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

First Visit

This first visit is just for us to check that their teeth and jaws are developing normally, and it’s a great opportunity for you to discuss any issues over cleaning their teeth. We can offer practical advice on the best way to do so, and how to get your child into a regular routine of oral care at home. We’ll discuss the merits of fluoride and how much is required, and whether it is best to use fluoride free toothpaste until your child is able to spit out the excess.

Preparing your Child for Dental Visits

Many people do suffer from dental anxiety, and this is possibly due to having had a bad experience earlier on in life. When this occurs it can be difficult not to feel nervous when visiting a dentist, even if you’re not actually the one having the appointment. If this applies to you then it’s best to keep your fears to yourself and to try to always portray dental visits in a positive light. Keeping calm and making sure your child knows it’s just part of their regular routine will help ensure they don’t grow up with any fears or phobias of their own, especially as hopefully every dental visit will be a pleasant one.

Encourage Them to Take Part in Their Dental Care at Home

Young children do need to have their teeth brushed for them until they are able to do it themselves. In the meantime you can still get them involved by letting them choose a suitable child oriented toothbrush, and allowing them to pick out the type of toothpaste they’d like to use. Child oriented products can make the whole experience of oral care at home more interesting, helping to establish a regular routine. Children learn by imitating others, so let them copy your actions when you’re brushing your teeth, and this can be fun for both of you.

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