Planning a Smile Makeover and Smile Design

If you are contemplating a smile makeover then you might have wondered about the process to plan it, especially if you are contemplating making an extensive number of changes. Here at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center we realize it can be a bit daunting to undertake a smile makeover, particularly if you’re not quite sure of the results that can be obtained. This is where smile design can help considerably.

We Plan Every Single Smile Very Carefully

Whenever someone visits our dental practice for a smile makeover, we put an extensive amount of time and effort into planning how their new smile will look and in ensuring it will function perfectly, as there is no point in having teeth that look wonderful if you can’t bite and chew comfortably. We spend quite a bit of time discovering how someone would like to change their smile as we need to gain an accurate idea of any aspects that you’d most like to change and to learn your desires for your smile makeover.

We Carry out Diagnostic Tests and a Full Dental Exam

In order to find out more about your dental health, we carry out a full dental exam and may want to conduct various diagnostic tests before deciding which treatments will help you achieve the smile of your dreams. These diagnostic tests might include dental x-rays and maybe a CT scan. The reason we need to do these diagnostic tests is that we cannot know everything that is going on in your mouth simply from a visual examination and it’s important to check regularly for any signs of tooth decay, or for signs of gum disease which may have destroyed the underlying bone surrounding your teeth. Using all this information, we will construct a tailor-made dental plan that is specifically designed to meet your needs for your smile design and restoring your dental health.

Smile Design and How It Fits into Your Smile Makeover

If you decide to proceed then you’ll undoubtedly want to get a good idea of how your new smile will appear and there are various ways this can be done. Sometimes it’s possible to use digital smile design, where you will see virtual images showing the appearance of your teeth both before and after treatment. A good example of digital smile design is when you have Invisalign to straighten your teeth as you will see a series of images showing how teeth gradually move into the correct positions until treatment is completed.

Diagnostic Wax up and Complex Smile Makeovers

We can produce what’s called a diagnostic wax up and this tends to be used for complex smile makeovers. With a diagnostic wax up, a plaster model of your teeth is adapted with tooth colored wax to show how the size, shape and even the position of teeth will change. The beauty of using a diagnostic wax up is that it can be changed until you are completely happy with the way it looks. When it comes to having treatment, the model is used to construct temporary teeth while your new teeth are being made in our on-site laboratory at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center.

We find this close attention to detail in smile design is very helpful in enabling our patients to get the smiles of their dreams.

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