October 2014 is Oral Health Awareness Month

October is National Dental Hygiene month, a tradition that began four years ago to help raise public awareness for the need for good oral health. The focus this year is on getting people to maintain their oral health through encouraging them to brush twice daily, to floss once-a-day, and to rinse with mouthwash.

Brushing Your Teeth Twice a Day

Even though it only takes a couple of minutes to brush properly, it can be tempting to skimp on this task, but research has shown this to be the single most important method of getting rid of plaque and bacteria in the mouth, reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease. Using the correct brushing techniques helps to clean your teeth and gums, making the most of every single second of those couple of minutes. Are you unsure about your brushing technique? Ask us for help and practical advice and next time you visit the Cosmetic Dentistry Centre.

Daily Flossing

It is important to ensure daily flossing becomes a habit, and if you can’t get on with floss then choose another method of cleaning in between your teeth as there are plenty of other tools especially designed for interdental cleaning. Flossing is important for reaching areas that cannot be penetrated by your toothbrush, particularly in between your teeth and just below the gum line. Failure to floss enables plaque to build up in these areas, greatly increasing your risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

We realize it can be something of a challenge to get into the habit of flossing every day, but making flossing easier is one way to improve the chances of this happening. If you find you put off flossing or fail to floss regularly, try to determine the exact reason why and discuss it with your hygienist at your next appointment. This can help us recommend new methods for flossing, perhaps using different dental floss or different tools altogether. It’s much easier to floss when you have the right thickness or type of floss, and especially when you know how to use it properly.

Using Mouthwash to Boost Oral Health

Choosing to rinse with antimicrobial mouthwash is a good way to help boost your oral health and can help prevent the early signs of gum disease, a condition called gingivitis. Swilling your mouth with mouthwash can help reach areas you might’ve missed with your brush and dental floss, and helps eliminate more germs that could otherwise cause disease.

National Dental Hygiene month only occurs once a year, but it’s important to pay attention to your oral health every single day. Your teeth can last a very long time, possibly even for life but can only do so if you treat them properly. It is never too late to work on improving your oral health, and we can definitely help you if you feel you’d like any sort of advice on this subject. If you haven’t visited a dentist in a while, then come to our dental office for caring and gentle dental care, provided by our highly experienced dental team.

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