Missing All Your Lower Teeth? Ask about an Implant Overdenture

Have you lost all your lower teeth? If so, do you currently wear a full lower denture? This is a popular option for replacing all the lower teeth, and the solution might seem fine for a bit but many will go on to develop problems with their dentures.

Problems Associated with Lower Dentures

It’s not uncommon for someone who has worn a lower denture for quite a few years to eventually find it’s uncomfortable or that it lacks stability, making it difficult to socialize with others without the fear of embarrassment. Some people might view loose dentures as simply being inevitable, and may imagine there’s nothing that can be done other than having a new denture made.

While a new denture may provide some temporary relief as it’s likely to fit a little better, the main problem will still remain. This is because the ridge that used to support the teeth in the lower jaw will gradually become flatter over time due to loss of bone. Bone loss occurs once the natural tooth roots have been removed as there’s no longer any reason for the body to continue renewing old bone cells in the jaw. This has the effect of making it more difficult to retain a lower denture. One option is to use multiple dental implants to hold a denture or bridge in place, but the costs can often be prohibitive for many people.

Implant Overdentures Offer an Affordable Solution

An implant overdenture is an affordable solution, as it only uses between two and four dental implants to hold the denture in place. It’s tried and tested and has helped many people. The technique relies on the way the implants are positioned, as they are situated towards the front of the mouth as this is where the bone tends to be at its densest and strongest. This helps to optimize the use of existing bone without the need for bone grafts. The implant overdenture is held firmly in position with attachments situated on the fitting surface of the denture. These click on to the actual implants so the denture cannot move around, but can still be easily removed for cleaning. The insertion of dental implants helps to preserve the remaining jaw bone in these areas.

Discuss Your Options with Cosmetic Dentistry Center Professionals

Most bone loss takes place within the first year after tooth loss, so if you are faced with the prospect of losing all your lower teeth, it’s a great idea to contact the Cosmetic Dentistry Center to find out all your options for tooth replacement with implant overdenture. Ideally, dental implants should be placed within the first year after tooth loss, but this treatment is still likely to be suitable even if you lost your teeth many years ago.

How about Using Implant Overdentures to Hold Upper Dentures?

This is certainly possible but it is necessary to use a few more dental implants to hold the denture in place. Most people find it easier to wear an upper denture as there is more retention due to the way the upper denture covers up the roof of the mouth. However, using an implant overdenture to replace an upper denture will mean the roof of the mouth can be uncovered. The denture can be created in a horseshoe design so it’s much less bulky and should be more comfortable to wear. This also affects the way food tastes, as the roof of the mouth contains lots of taste buds, and uncovering them should make mealtimes much more enjoyable.

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