Main Secrets of a Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Many people mistakenly believe that a good oral hygiene routine needs to be complicated and expensive to maintain, when in fact the very opposite is true. By making sure you understand the basics of good oral hygiene, you can tailor this knowledge to meet your own needs, ensuring you gain all the benefits associated with having a clean and healthy mouth at all times. So why do you need to clean your teeth?

Reasons for Cleaning Your Teeth

Most people will clean their teeth in order to have a nice smile and fresh breath but from your dentist’s point of view the most important reason for cleaning your teeth is to remove dental plaque. Plaque consists largely of bacteria and creates a sticky nearly colorless film over the surfaces of your teeth. It’s important to remove it as research has shown that over 90% of dental disease is caused by plaque being allowed to accumulate. The good news is that preventing these diseases is largely under your control, simply by making sure you have good oral hygiene; even something as simple as holding your toothbrush correctly can make a difference.

Cleaning Your Teeth Correctly

You don’t need to use very much pressure to clean your teeth as your gum tissues are easily damaged. Hold the brush so the bristles are at a 45° angle to your gum line and then you will be able to clean your teeth right down to the gum line, using a gentle scrubbing action. You will need to hold your toothbrush slightly differently to clean every tooth surface. If you would like to know more about how to brush properly then please ask our dental hygienist when you next visit the Cosmetic Dentistry Center as they will be able to demonstrate the tooth brushing techniques required more easily.

Flossing Correctly

While brushing your teeth will remove much of the plaque covering them, you still need to floss once-a-day to remove plaque trapped in between your teeth as well as any food particles. Use a decent section of floss, approximately 18 inches in length so you can use a clean piece of floss in between every single tooth. Gently wiggle the floss down in between your teeth and form a C shape by wrapping it around the tooth surface. Move the floss up and down a few times to clean each side of the teeth. This is another technique where we can help you, particularly as we know lots of people find flossing tricky. There are also alternatives to flossing. We can show you how to use interdental brushes and other tools to make sure you clean thoroughly in between your teeth and maintain good oral hygiene.

Finalizing Steps of Oral Hygiene Ritual

After you have brushed and flossed, your teeth should feel smooth when you run your tongue over the surfaces. Some people find it useful to use a disclosing solution or disclosing tablets that stain plaque to make it visible. This can help identify areas you might be missing when you brush and floss at home.

Seek Professional Help

Make sure you backup your oral hygiene routine at home with professional preventive dental care and please remember that our dentists and dental team are here to help you have optimal dental health at all times. If you have any questions then please ask us.


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