Looking for Your Other Half? Bad Breath Tops List of Turn-Offs

If you are looking for that special someone then you might be interested to know bad breath tops the list of potential turn-offs, according to a recent UK survey. Even if you aren’t looking for anyone, having bad breath or halitosis can be pretty embarrassing. So what causes bad breath and what can you do to prevent or cure it?

Your Diet Affects Your Breath

Most of us are well aware our diet affects our breath and will have noticed that certain foods give off strong odors, including garlic and onions. Brushing and flossing and even using strongly flavored mouthwash will only mask the smell as the foods are absorbed into your bloodstream and eventually end up being carried to your lungs to be exhaled on your breath. There is nothing you can do to hasten this process as it’s simply a matter of waiting until the foods are eliminated from your body.

Poor Oral Hygiene Is a Frequent Cause of Bad Breath

If you haven’t eaten anything strongly flavored recently then you might want to book a checkup with a dentist at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center and be sure to book an appointment with your hygienist at the same time. Poor oral hygiene is one of the biggest causes of halitosis and it could be that you have untreated tooth decay or gum disease. Quite a few people don’t have sufficient saliva, a condition called dry mouth or xerostomia and this can negatively impact dental health as saliva helps keep the mouth healthy and clean. Our dentists can diagnose any problems and will recommend suitable treatments to help restore dental health.

Professional Cleanings Are Excellent for Freshening up Bad Breath

Hygiene appointments are a great way to quickly improve breath as your teeth will be professionally and extremely thoroughly cleaned. This involves scaling or removing hardened dental plaque from your teeth and removing any food that may be trapped in between them and which may have begun to rot. At the same time, our hygienist can show you how to improve your oral care at home and can point out any areas you might have been missing when brushing and flossing. You’d be amazed how a little extra education on brushing and flossing correctly can help improve oral health and you don’t need to spend a lot of time each day looking after healthy teeth and gums.

Health Problems Associated with Halitosis

It is most likely that our dentists will be able to find the reason for your bad breath as conditions such as gum disease, untreated tooth decay and dry mouth can all be responsible for bad breath. If they cannot find any reason why you have halitosis then they’ll recommend you visit your doctor. This is because there are many other illnesses and diseases that can cause bad breath and these include pneumonia, diabetes, acid reflux and liver and kidney problems so it is important to get a proper diagnosis.

Whatever the reason for your bad breath, we can help. Your breath will soon be fresh and neutral and we can also offer advice on how to get your smile looking its very best, all the time.

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