Is It Time to Get Rid of Your Loose Dentures?

Did you wake up this morning dreading putting in your dentures? Are you fed up of being unable to eat properly when you wear dentures? Have you found yourself beginning to turn down invitations for meals out with others, perhaps because you are worried your loose dentures will drop out while you are eating or speaking?

Problems with Loose Dentures

The consequences of having ill-fitting and loose dentures can be far-reaching and although you can use denture adhesives, these don’t solve the underlying problem that your dentures simply don’t fit as well as they used to. Unfortunately this isn’t due to the actual dentures, but is down to the way your jawbone is changing shape. As well as making it more difficult to socialize with others, poorly fitting dentures can affect your nutrition, making it much more difficult to eat a properly balanced diet. Without a decent diet, you will face both general health and oral health problems. So how can you get rid of your loose dentures?

Using Dental Implants to Stabilize Your Dentures

One option is to use dental implants to stabilize your dentures. This does mean you will still need to take out your denture for regular cleaning but instead of resting on your gums, your implant supported denture will clip on to implants inserted into your jawbone. This ensures your denture will be firmly held in place making it easier to eat and talk. You should also find it much more comfortable as loose dentures can rub on the gums.

Advantages of Implant Supported Dentures

There are a couple of advantages to choosing this option. Firstly relatively few dental implants will be needed to stabilize a lower denture so treatment should be pretty affordable and cost-effective. Secondly, the implants are inserted towards the front of the jaw where the bone tends to be thicker and stronger. This can help eliminate the need for bone grafts that may be required if you have dental implants inserted towards the back of your jaw and where you may have suffered more bone loss. This can be a great option for many people, but what can you do if you’d prefer to have teeth that are fixed permanently in place?

Replacing Your Denture with a Fixed Bridge

In this case you may want to consider replacing your denture altogether with a fixed arch of teeth. You’ll find that at Cosmetic Dentistry Center we can make you a beautiful bridge to replace an entire arch of teeth. This will also be supported on dental implants and will either be screwed or cemented in place so it can only be removed by a dentist if he/she thinks some maintenance or cleaning is required. The advantage of this option is that you’ll benefit from teeth that permanently in place, so it’s much like having your natural teeth back again. However, this choice is likely to require a greater number of dental implants compared to an implant retained denture.


Both options are excellent for helping to preserve your jawbone, preventing any further bone loss and the results can look and feel amazing. The best way to find out more is to book a consultation with our dentist who will be able to assess your jawbone and can discuss all possible options with you.

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