Implant Retained Dentures. Do You Need It?

Dentures are a low-cost way to replace missing teeth, but they are not ideal. Although some people will be able to wear dentures with few if any problems, others will struggle, especially once they have been worn for a few years. In addition it can be difficult to chew food properly and the choice of foods can be quite restricted. This can make it tricky to eat a diet containing all the nutrients necessary for good health.

Common Problems Faced by Denture Wearers

After dentures have been worn for a number of years it is not unusual to find they become increasingly difficult to keep in place, especially if a lower denture is worn. This is because the bone in the jaw is gradually lost, resulting in less retention to hold the denture firmly in position. By this stage many people will resort to using messy denture adhesives, or may avoid social situations and eating with others due to concerns over the denture moving about. If this scenario sounds horribly familiar then it is worth finding out if implant retained dentures could help.

What Are Implant Retained Dentures?

Implant retained dentures use several optimally placed implants to hold them firmly in position. The dentures have special attachments located in their fitting surface that click onto the dental implants themselves, or to a bar fitted over the implants. Patients will still be able to remove the dentures themselves, and it’s important to do so as they need regular cleaning.

What Are the Advantages of Having Implant Retained Dentures?

The advantage of having implant retained dentures is that relatively few implants are required to hold the dentures in position. This helps to make treatment more affordable while still providing a level of stability similar to fixed appliances such as dental bridges. The dental implants tend to be placed towards the front of the mouth as this is where the bone is at its densest and widest. Dental implants are mainly used to retain lower dentures but can also be used to retain upper dentures.

An advantage of having an implant retained upper denture is that food should be easier to taste. The roof of the mouth contains thousands of taste buds, and these are normally covered in the traditional design of an upper denture. An implant retained upper denture is constructed in a horseshoe shape, leaving all these taste buds uncovered.

Choosing an implant retained denture will enable you to eat a much more varied diet, helping to improve nutrition which could in turn help to improve general health. In addition knowing your denture cannot move around can greatly improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

Can Anyone Have an Implant Retained Denture?

Dental implants are suitable for anyone in good general health and good dental health, and age is not likely to be a factor. You will still need to be assessed by your dentist at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center to make sure you have sufficient bone to support the dental implants. If not then you might need to have a bone graft to help build up the bone in your jaw, or we may be able to use mini dental implants that require less bone for support. Dental implants do need proper care, so you need to be prepared to clean around them very carefully to make sure they remain free from infection.

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