How Much Do You Know About Adult Orthodontics?

Have you noticed friends or work colleagues have recently been sporting straighter smiles? If so they might have undergone adult orthodontics. It’s becoming increasingly common for adults to seek orthodontic treatment, and this can be due to a couple of different reasons. Some people will not have had the chance to straighten their teeth as children, while others may have undergone tooth straightening earlier on in life but have subsequently failed to keep up with wearing their retainer, leading to an orthodontic relapse. Whatever the reason, it’s estimated around one fifth of people seeking orthodontic treatment are now over the age of 18. There’s certainly no need to be embarrassed about wearing braces nowadays.

New Technologies Make It Easier Than Ever to Straighten Your Teeth

A huge part of the reason for the popularity of adult orthodontics is due to the introduction of new technologies such as those used by the Cosmetic Dentistry Center. These include many different orthodontic systems which can be highly discreet and nearly invisible. If the thought of orthodontics conjures up pictures of wearing conspicuous metal braces, wires and elastics then think again. Today, modern orthodontics is more likely to include nearly invisible clear aligners or can use ceramic brackets that blend in with your natural tooth color. Sometimes the braces are fixed onto the back surfaces of teeth so they cannot be seen while smiling or talking.

The introduction of new technologies also means treatment is often more comfortable than before. Brackets are designed to be flatter and less obtrusive, and teeth can be moved more effectively and with less discomfort. So where do you start if you want to find out more?

Book an Appointment to Find Out Your Options

You can book an appointment with the orthodontist at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center. A full assessment of your teeth will enable our orthodontist to suggest the best possible orthodontic system for your needs. Invisalign is extremely popular due to its use of clear removable aligners that make it easy to maintain good dental health during treatment. Many people will opt for this type of system, especially as it can correct most orthodontic issues, but sometimes the best results can be achieved through wearing fixed braces.

This is because fixed braces enable tooth movements to be more precisely controlled. Another thing to bear in mind is that fixed braces will be working all the time to move your teeth and there’s no need to worry about forgetting to wear your braces. Your orthodontist can talk you through all the different options and can answer all your questions about treatment. You’ll also learn how much treatment will cost, and if any of these expenses are covered by your insurance.

Straighter Teeth Are Healthier Teeth

Orthodontics can be a very worthwhile investment in your smile. You should end up with beautifully straight and healthy teeth, and this can be a far more conservative choice than opting for dental veneers. Once your teeth are straight you’re less likely to suffer from tooth decay and gum disease as you should find it much easier to brush all your tooth surfaces and to floss in between each tooth.

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