Going to the Dentist Is More Stressful than Divorce but Not with Us

Going to the dentist is more stressful than divorce, according to the results of a recent study in the UK. The survey looked at various scenarios according to how much stress they caused, and choices included getting divorced, moving house, having problems with the in-laws, having a job interview and going to the dentist. Shockingly a higher percentage of people voted for going to the dentist as being more stressful than divorce, showing that odontophobia or a fear of the dentist is very real, and unfortunately many patients are still fearful over having dental treatment.

Discover the Difference from the Moment You Contact Us

We’d like to think the Cosmetic Dentistry Center is somewhat different as quite a few of our patients who were previously afraid of going to the dentist have been helped to conquer these fears. You should discover the difference from the moment you first contact us and talk to our friendly dental team to make your first appointment. At this stage please explain that you are nervous about visiting the dentist as we will then work with you to find a way to help you overcome these fears. It is surprising what a difference it can make to have a good, sympathetic and caring dentist on your side, and who will talk to you and take the time to get to know and understand why you find going to the dentist an issue.

We Have Lots of Ways Making Things Easier for You

Perhaps you are scared of dental visits and think there is very little that can be done to make things better, but you’d be quite wrong. For example, maybe it’s a fear of not being in control in the dental chair that makes dental treatment unbearable for you. In this case we can give you back that control through giving you a simple signal to stop treatment. You’ll always be in control of what is going on. If it helps, we will sit down with you and explain each treatment fully before it begins, or if it makes it easier then we will offer you conscious sedation.

Sedation at the Dentist’s Can Help a Lot

If you would prefer to get treatment over as quickly as possible, then conscious sedation might be a good option for you. The level of sedation can be varied according to your needs, and we ensure it is completely safe through monitoring you closely during treatment. Even something as simple as laughing gas or nitrous oxide can ease dental fears, and has the advantage that the effects of the gas quickly wear off once treatment is finished. This is the only form of sedation where you will be able to drive yourself home safely afterwards. If you opt for a higher level of sedation then you will need someone to take you home afterwards, and to just be with you for a few hours to make sure you are okay.

A Lot of Treatment in One Appointment

The huge advantage of having conscious sedation is that it can often enable us to provide you with quite a lot of treatment in one comfortable appointment. Afterwards you won’t really remember very much about what was going on although you will be able to speak and communicate with us. You don’t have to put up with fearing dental treatment, and we’d love to help you gain and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile.

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