Do You Have Overcrowded Teeth? Blame Evolution

Do you have overcrowded teeth that have perhaps been pushed out of alignment? Very few people have an absolutely perfect bite, many of us need an orthodontic therapy and apparently the problem with malocclusion could be down to evolution.

How Can Evolution Account for Tooth Overcrowding?

Researchers from University College in Dublin, Ireland, analyzed teeth and lower jaw dimensions on nearly three hundred skeletons aged between 6,000 and 28,000 years. The skeletons in the study had belonged to farmers and to hunter-gatherers. What they found has led them to believe that a change in diet due to the introduction of farming practices resulted in changes to the shape and size of the jawbones.

New Farming Practices Led to Us Eating More Processed Foods

Whereas our ancestors used to be hunter-gatherers and ate a diet of hard foods that required a lot of chewing, the introduction of newer farming practices led to us eating more cooked and softer foods that didn’t require as much chewing. Over time the shape of the jaws adapted to suit these softer foods, but the size of the teeth stayed the same leading to problems with overcrowded teeth. In addition, bones have gradually become weaker as our skeletons evolved to be lighter and more fragile.

This Helps Explain Why Wisdom Teeth Often Cause Problems

Wisdom teeth are the last to erupt and there is often insufficient room as jaws have evolved to become smaller. Often wisdom teeth need to be extracted to prevent them from trying to come up underneath other teeth or from only partially erupting where they can often become decayed and infected. Our dentists at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center Brooklyn, NYC can regularly check the position of wisdom teeth yet to erupt and will extract them if necessary.

Luckily There Is a Modern Day Solution for Overcrowded Teeth

If you do have overcrowded teeth then there is no need to worry as we can offer plenty of solutions to help you gain a straighter smile. Modern orthodontics has also evolved and we can now provide nearly invisible braces that will discreetly move overcrowded teeth into the correct positions. This can not only correct problems with the appearance of your teeth, but also any issues with the way your teeth bite together.

Why Bother Correcting the Way Teeth Bite Together?

If your teeth don’t occlude or bite together in the correct arrangement then this can lead to problems with them wearing down unevenly, or may place unwanted stresses on your jaw joints. Correcting issues with the overcrowded teeth and your occlusion can help improve your appearance and your oral health, ensuring your teeth last for longer. They will be easier to clean and will wear down more evenly so will be less likely to require restorative work. You’ll also probably find it more comfortable to eat and chew properly.

Your Braces Can Be Fixed or Removable

Even though removable and nearly invisible clear plastic aligners are a popular option for straightening teeth, we do still use fixed braces. These can look quite different from the highly visible metal brackets and wires as they will often have clear or tooth colored brackets that are attached to tooth colored wires which are extremely thin. Our dentists will always recommend the most appropriate treatment for straightening your teeth and will carefully explain the reasons for their choice.

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