Cracked Crown: Cosmetic Dentist Advise for You

Do you have porcelain crowns in your mouth? If so it’s likely you will get cracked crown or may have already done so, leaving you with the problem of how quickly you can replace it. Dental emergencies always seem to arise at the worst possible time, usually when you have an important event to attend or perhaps are due to go on vacation. In either case wearing a temporary crown Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for two weeks or more is a less than perfect solution.

What to Do If You Have a Cracked Crown

This is where we can help. Here at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center we can provide you with a brand-new and very beautiful porcelain crown that will be ready in just one hour. Visit our comfortable dental office for treatment and you’ll leave with your new crown firmly in place instead of your old cracked crown, enabling you to carry on with your everyday life without the need to worry about your temporary crown and without having to take more time out of a busy lifestyle for another dental visit and another cracked crown.

Get One Hour Crown in Brooklyn, NYC

It might sound unbelievable, but thanks to the very latest technology we can provide you with a top quality and custom fitted crown that will be made using our on-site CEREC machine. This is a milling machine that uses the very latest CAD/CAM technology to precision design and to make your one hour crown.

How CEREC Crowns Are Made

Treatment will begin with one of our dentists preparing your broken tooth but instead of taking an impression, the tooth is scanned using a tiny digital camera. The information is sent to a computer and from there our dentists can custom design your crown so it will look wonderfully natural in your mouth. Next, the design is transmitted to the milling machine which uses a preselected block of pure ceramic material to carefully mill your new not cracked crown. These ceramic blocks come in many different shades and translucencies and can be closely matched to your natural tooth color.

Once the crown has been milled it has to be hand finished in our on-site dental laboratory. Our skilled technicians will carefully glaze and characterize the tooth so it closely replicates your natural teeth. The next stage will be to have the tooth fitted and bonded permanently in position. One of the huge advantages of this type of crown is that it is precision milled and CAD/CAM technology ensures it will be a perfect fit over your prepared tooth. We also find a lot of people prefer this method as there is no need for messy impressions that can be difficult for anyone with a strong gag reflex to tolerate.

Dental Restorations with CEREC

CEREC can also be used to create wonderful porcelain fillings and even porcelain veneers, Brooklyn as this system is very versatile. It is the perfect solution for anyone who has cracked crown and needs a new one in a hurry or who simply doesn’t want to wait around with a cracked crown for their new one to be made. We often recommend this type of crown but there might be occasions when you will be better off having your porcelain crown handcrafted in our dental laboratory Brooklyn, Bay Ridge.

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