Cosmetic Dentistry Trends: Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

Here at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center, we follow the latest cosmetic dentistry trends and frequently use beautiful porcelain veneers as part of a smile makeover. The results can look amazing, creating your dream smile in just two or three weeks. In order for porcelain veneers to be used, the teeth must be healthy and strong and they shouldn’t have any large fillings or signs of significant tooth decay.

Veneers Are Among the Leading Cosmetic Dentistry Trends

Porcelain veneers consist of a very thin piece of tooth-shaped porcelain that fits exactly over the front surface of a tooth that has been prepared by our dentist. Once the veneer is bonded or cemented onto the front surface of the tooth it is actually pretty strong and can be used just like a natural tooth to bite into food. You shouldn’t use your veneers to bite into anything very hard as this could chip or damage them in much the same way it would your natural teeth. Veneers are a fantastic option if all your teeth are reasonably healthy and strong, but sometimes teeth need a little extra help and this is where porcelain crowns and bridges can come into play.

Crowns Can Be Very Useful in Protecting Teeth

Unlike veneers that only cover the front surface of a tooth, crowns cover the entire tooth right down to and just below the gum line so you cannot see any natural tooth. We suggest using crowns in cosmetic dentistry when a tooth is very badly damaged and where it couldn’t be repaired with a normal filling. Our beautiful porcelain crowns can restore strength and structure to a tooth, creating a natural and very attractive appearance.

You can choose from crowns that have a precious metal alloy substructure that is covered up with the latest porcelains to blend in with your existing teeth, or you may want to consider all ceramic crowns. These use high quality and highly advanced materials that are entirely metal free, creating the kind of translucency that was only previously found in natural teeth.

Using a Dental Bridge to Restore Missing Teeth

Dental bridge is one of the options for replacing missing teeth. We take a great deal of care when crafting  dental bridges to make sure they look natural and are fully functional. A bridge can be used to replace one or more teeth in the same area of your mouth and is supported by crowns on the adjacent teeth. It can be a great option to consider, particularly if these adjacent teeth already have sizeable fillings or are perhaps already crowned. Our beautiful dental bridges can also be supported by dental implants. (Read also: Fixed Bridge or Dental Implants: Which Is More Economical?). This might be a good option if you are missing multiple teeth and the teeth adjacent to the gaps are not strong enough to support replacement teeth or are missing entirely.

On-Site Dental Laboratory

All our restorations are made on-site in our dental laboratory and even though these are three different techniques, we can use the same porcelains to make sure they will blend in with each other so there is no need to worry if you need crowns, bridges and veneers as part of your smile makeover. The final results will look wonderful and up to the latest cosmetic dentistry trends.

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