Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures for Diabetics Patients

Statistics produced by the CDC, based on data collected in 2010, show 8.3% of the population in the US had diabetes, equating to 25.8 million people. This disease is becoming an increasing problem, and although a lot of people are aware of the effects it might have on their general health, not many know how it will affect their dental health.

It’s Important to Tell Your Dentist at Cosmetic Dentistry Center

Diabetes affects the whole body including your mouth, and if you have been diagnosed with this condition it’s particularly important to tell your dentist at the CosmeticDentistryCenter. This is because diabetics face a higher than normal risk of developing oral health problems, particularly if blood sugar levels are not well controlled. This is because uncontrolled diabetes affects the white blood cells that are responsible for fighting bacterial infections in the mouth.

If you are diabetic you’re more at risk of the following oral conditions:


Visit Your Dentist at Cosmetic Dentistry Center More Often

Your dentist will want to know about your diabetes at every visit, including how well you are controlling your blood sugar levels. They may suggest you come into the CosmeticDentistryCenter more frequently for checkups and professional cleanings. This is because it will enable your dentist to pick up any early signs of gum disease when treatment is a lot easier and more effective.

Schedule Frequent Professional Cleanings at Cosmetic Dentistry Center

Frequent professional cleanings will remove any tartar buildup, decreasing the chances of your gums becoming infected and inflamed. It’s particularly important to do everything you can to try to prevent gum disease as this condition allows bacteria in the mouth to enter into the bloodstream. Once the bacteria are in the bloodstream they are likely to cause new sites of inflammation in your body, and it is thought this makes it more difficult to control blood sugar levels.

Get Advice on Dealing with Other Dental Conditions

The dentists at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center can also advise you on how to deal with other conditions such as dry mouth, as a lack of saliva can increase the risk of tooth decay. In addition, it can be pretty uncomfortable. They can also advise you on treatment for thrush, and methods for reducing symptoms of burning mouth syndrome.

Look after Your Teeth and Gums at Home

Professional dental care needs to be backed up with great dental care at home. Your dentist or hygienist will talk to you about the best way to look after your teeth and gums, and how to prevent plaque buildup on your teeth. They may recommend you brush your teeth after each meal using a soft bristled toothbrush, and it’s essential to floss once a day. Some diabetics can find it painful or uncomfortable to floss, but there are other ways to manage this task. Your dentist can advise you on other methods of flossing, including interdental brushes and water flossers.

Good oral hygiene is the best protection against cavities and periodontal disease, and people with well-controlled diabetes need not have any more cavities or incidences of gum disease than someone without this condition.

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