Cosmetic Brace or Ordinary Brace: Do You Know the Difference?

We are seeing an increasing number of adults who are interested in learning more about our teeth straightening options at Cosmetic Dentistry Center. We can definitely help you if you are considering orthodontics, as we are able to offer different types of braces. The introduction of newer orthodontic technologies means that we can also offer what is called a cosmetic brace as well as more traditional braces. So what is the difference between these two options?

What Is a Traditional Brace?

A traditional brace is an orthodontic treatment that can correct a wide variety of different problems. This includes issues with the way your teeth are aligned or positioned as well as problems with the way they bite together. With a conventional brace, we can correct problems with your occlusion and can create a beautifully straight smile, moving all your teeth if necessary.

What Is a Cosmetic Brace?

A cosmetic brace is a little different from conventional orthodontic treatment and can be considerably quicker. With a cosmetic brace, the teeth being moved will only be those that are visible when smiling so it will be the front six or eight teeth. Cosmetic braces are designed to produce fast results using low forces to comfortably move your teeth. They are not meant to treat problems with your occlusion and are most suitable for cases where only minor tooth movements are required. The faster treatment time is reflected in the price and a cosmetic brace can be a good option for straightening your front teeth and is more conservative than perhaps opting for another cosmetic dental treatment such as veneers. This is because with braces we will be able to preserve your healthy tooth structure, but with porcelain veneers it is frequently necessary to remove a tiny amount of tooth material when preparing the teeth for the veneers.

Are Cosmetic Braces Fixed or Removable?

Cosmetic braces can be either fixed or removable as there are plenty of different options to choose from. (Read also:Removable Braces or Fixed Braces: Which Is Better?). For example Invisalign does a cosmetically oriented braces system using its clear plastic aligners to correct the positions of your teeth. With this system only a few sets of aligners are supplied and treatment can be completed within a matter of just a few months. Another type of cosmetically oriented brace is fixed and while this may not seem immediately appealing it’s worth bearing in mind that it uses clear brackets that are attached to tooth colored wires, creating an effect that is nearly invisible. The brackets used for these types of braces are very sophisticated and may move the tooth root at the same time as the crown of the tooth, and of course they will be working all the time to correct the positions of your teeth.

We Will Help You Make a Proper Choice

There are lots of different cosmetic braces that can be used to give you a beautifully straight smile. The best way to find out more is to book a consultation with our orthodontist at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center. An initial assessment will determine if this type of brace is your best option or whether you’d be better choosing a more traditional brace that is able to correct more extensive orthodontic problems.

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