Are You Afraid to Smile? Cosmetic Dentists Will Help You

Are you afraid to smile? Perhaps your teeth are broken down or decayed or missing completely? Being unable or lacking the confidence to smile can have a detrimental effect on your personal and professional life; there is no need for you to put up with this as cosmetic dentists at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center are here to help you.

Highly Experienced Cosmetic Dentists

Our highly experienced cosmetic dentists can help restore your smile and if you haven’t been to a dentist for a while, you will be amazed at just what we can achieve. No case is too complex and our cosmetic dentists will work with you to restore your dental health, treating any dental problems you may have, before rebuilding your smile using the very latest and most advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques.

Restoring Your Dental Health

While we want your smile to look as attractive as possible, our main priority is always to ensure you have the very best level of dental health. Our cosmetic dentists will examine your mouth, checking for any signs of infections or disease. Tooth infections can require root canal therapy to help save the tooth, while any signs of gum disease can be treated with the most up-to-date techniques. Gum disease is a major cause of tooth loss and it can affect your general health so it is vital to take action to try to eradicate this disease or to control more chronic forms of the disease. We always do our best to save natural teeth, but if this isn’t possible then we will gently remove them and can then discuss the most suitable ways to replace them.

Restoring Your Smile

Worn down and badly decayed teeth can be fully restored with composite resin or porcelain fillings or we can cover up these teeth completely with porcelain crowns. The most advanced porcelain crowns are entirely metal-free and are fabricated from high-tech porcelains that are strong; we can make these crowns to look just like your natural teeth, only better than you might have dared imagine. Missing teeth can be replaced with beautiful and strong ceramic bridges, or with the most up-to-date dental implants.

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth then you might have thought about orthodontics and it is never too late to straighten. Many of the modern braces available today are surprisingly discreet, using nearly invisible clear aligners to move your teeth. Dental veneers which cover up the front surfaces of teeth can be used to hide any minor chips or cracks or discolorations that will not respond to teeth whitening, and whitening your teeth can add that finishing touch to your new smile.

Gentle Dental Care for Nervous People

We know a fear of dentists can prevent quite a few people from visiting their dentist and it is far more common than you might think. If this affects you then please let your cosmetic dentist know when you book your initial appointment. Here at the Cosmetic Dentistry Center, we have cosmetic dentists who are very experienced in helping people who feel nervous or anxious and there is a lot we can do to make your visit comfortable and relaxing. If required, we can provide additional sedation to make your visits easier and once your smile is healthy it’s quite likely you’ll feel much more comfortable visiting our practice for your regular check-ups.

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