Are Dental Braces Effective and worth the Time and Effort?

The short answer to this question is almost certainly yes, depending on whether or not your teeth are substantially misaligned or crooked. If they are, you’d almost certainly benefit from wearing some sort of dental braces. These days dental braces can be fixed or removable and there is no need to worry that it will be highly visible, which is often a concern of our patients.

Dental Braces: Fixed vs. Removable

In fact today’s dental braces are extremely discreet, and some can either use nearly invisible removable aligners that are made from clear plastic, while others are  fixed in place using clear or ceramic brackets and tooth colored wires. A lot of adults will opt for clear plastic aligners as these can be very easy to use and are extremely convenient. However, fixed braces can sometimes offer better results, and even though they may require a little more time to maintain and clean, this might be worth considering if our orthodontist recommends this option.

Problems Dental Braces Can Fix

Dental braces are hugely versatile, and can be used to close up or minimize spaces in between teeth, and to correct teeth that are rotated or twisted out of position. They can also help correct the alignment between your upper and lower teeth, making it easier to bite and chew food properly. One of the main advantages of correcting someone’s bite in this way is that it will help the teeth to wear more evenly, and will alleviate any problems that can be created by some teeth wearing down before others. Braces can also help correct teeth that stick out too much, or teeth that are pushed inwards.

Dental braces can also be useful for adults who wore braces as a child, but who have failed to keep up with wearing their retainer over the years. This can lead to teeth moving out of position, especially as they naturally begin to move slightly as we age. When this happens it is sometimes called an orthodontic relapse, and it may even be possible to treat it using one of the more cosmetically oriented braces that are ideal for correcting teeth that are only very slightly out of position and which work very quickly.

It Is Never Too Late to Straighten Your Teeth

The great thing about modern orthodontics is that you’re never too old to benefit from having a straight smile, provided your teeth are strong and healthy and free from gum disease or tooth decay. Some dental braces can take just a few weeks or months to work their magic, while others may take a year or longer to straighten your teeth. It all depends on the degree of straightening required, and your particular bite problems. These are all things that will be discussed during your initial consultation with our orthodontist, and of course we take the time to explain all the options available to you, and to answer any questions.

Visit Your Orthodontist on a Regular Basis

During treatment it is necessary to come to the Cosmetic Dentistry Centre every so often to either have your fixed brace adjusted, or to check that treatment with your removable aligners is working correctly. We’re also here to answer any ongoing questions you might have about treatment, and to deal with any issues you may have.

At the end you should end up with a beautiful, healthy and straight smile that will be well worth all the effort. If you’re thinking of straightening your teeth in time for a special event then it’s never too soon to start planning, so why not contact us to make that appointment?

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